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Protection From The Harshest Conditions

Line-X Timmins offers Corrosion Free rustproofing/undercoating that protects your vehicle from damage caused by salt, de-icing fluids and winter driving conditions. Vehicles aren’t cheap, let us help you save money and prolong the life of your vehicle. Line-X Timmins is your local certified Corrosion Free Zone.

Line-X Timmins has a rust proofing protection solution for:

  • Liquid Brine (De-icing fluids can and will wreak havoc on the metal and frame of your vehicle)

  • Dropping Temperatures (Changing temperatures accelerate corrosion. Protect your vehicle from our harsh winters. De-icing fluids can and will wreak havoc on the metal and frame of your vehicle.)

  • Rust Protection (Our clear coatings give your vehicle the ability to fight rust before it starts by creating a new surface of protection that moisture cannot penetrate)
  • Road Salt (Road salt is extremely corrosive and over time can cause extensive damage to vehicles, Line-X Timmins can help prevent this damage before it starts!)

Check out the videos below to see how Corrosion Free Rustproofing can prolong the life of your vehicle!

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